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Théâtre du Rêve (Theater of the Dream) offers unique educational outreach programs, committed to bringing enrichment opportunities into the schools and to using theatre as a means to bring French language and culture directly to students. These initiatives are in response to changing needs in the community. Schools have had to make drastic cuts to arts programming and often funding for field trips is limited. Therefore, kids have fewer and fewer creative, live, hands-on experiences, outlets and inspiration.

We want to bring art to them.

Fairy tale bookIl était une fois (Once Upon a Time) Workshops

This series of in-school workshops is designed to immerse students of all ages in the world of fairy tales and oral tradition. For middle schoolers, these workshops will also serve to prepare them for Theatre du Reve’s student matinee productions of our original play, Il etait une fois (Once Upon a Time), March, 2018. This carefully-constructed educational series provides students with in-depth preparation and understanding that go beyond our traditional pre-performance study guide and post-performance talkback. Schools that book a workshop at the same time as making reservations for a student matinee performance will receive a 10% discount off of the cost of the workshop.

 Additional mileage fees may apply to all touring programs. The first 20 miles are included in the cost of the program. The additional mileage rate is $0.54 per mile.

 All workshops available in French or English.

CLICK HERE for information on our student matinee performances (COMING SOON!).

Download a PDF of our programs on Il était une fois (Once Upon a Time)Fairy Tale Workshops

For booking, please contact Caitlin Roe at

Create Your Own Fairytale Workshop

Target Audience: 1st-6th grade French students and 4th & 6th grade ELA students*

      *adaptable for 7th-12th & university students upon request
Duration: 1 hour, extendable upon request
Cost: 1 teaching artist ($125/hr), 2 teaching artists ($175/hr)
Purpose: This workshop will introduce or deepen understanding of the elements of a fairy tale through:

  • An interactive reading of a short fairy tale to introduce key vocabulary
  • Brainstorming original plot elements for a new fairy tale
  • Small group development of plot elements as short performances
  • Class performance of a short, original fairy tale

Download our program PDF to view GA Curriculum Standards.

Oral Storytelling Tradition Workshop

Target Audience: Middle/High School French Students*

*adaptable for university students upon request
Duration: 1 hour, extendable upon request
Cost: 1 teaching artist ($125/hr), 2 teaching artists ($175/hr)
Purpose: This workshop will introduce students to the tradition of oral storytelling through:

  • A brief oral telling of a familiar story
  • Brief discussion of the significance of oral storytelling tradition, citing examples
  • Interactive retelling of the same story to highlight vocabulary (key elements of a story)
  • Small group development of original telling of a well-known story
  • Oral presentations of unique telling of stories by students

Download our program PDF to view GA Curriculum Standards.

Professional Performances that Come to You!

Jane, le renard et moi (Jane, the Fox and Me)

*Available in English OR French

Jane, Le Renard, et Moi (Jane the Fox and Me) brings Fanny Britt’s graphic novel of the same name to life in a theatrical adaptation- a reader’s theatre piece with animated projections of the novel’s illustrations, layered with a lush sound-scape. Performed in English or French, this piece is available to tour into schools, homes, theatres and more. In Jane Le Renard, et Moi (Jane,The Fox, and Me) a young girl, Hélène, struggles with her own self-image and worth. She is the victim of bullying behavior in grade school and finds solace in Jane Eyre, in a mysterious visit from a fox and, ultimately, she makes a friend. The graphic novel has received a number of major awards including the New York Times Best Illustrated Book and is also nominated for a Will Eisner Prize among others in Germany and Portugal. Following performances, the Teaching Artists will lead the group in an Empathy Workshop, designed by the Ben Marion Institute for Social Justice. Each school or location will also receive a toolkit with practical tools to deal with bullying behavior as well as an English copy of the graphic novel. Performance in your choice of English OR French. Empathy talkback/workshop in English unless a bilingual format is requested. (Available October 2017-May 2018)

Why are we doing this?

Bullying Behavior Awareness through JANE, THE FOX AND ME from Theatre du Reve on Vimeo.

Booking information

Suggested Grade Levels: 4 – 12
Duration: 35 minutes plus 15 minute talkback
Audience Limit: 150

NOTE: Schools or groups may elect to upgrade to a 45-60 min empathy workshop for groups of up to 30 students for an additional cost. May combine included 15 minute talkback for large group with 45 minute workshop for smaller group.

LIMITED subsidized performances are available to youth programs and Title I Schools. Email Caitlin Roe at for information and availability.

Contact for more information and to book your performance and workshop.

K-12 Level GA Schools
Single Performance: $500 (toolkit and 15 minute talkback included)
Two Back-to-Back: $900

GA: University and non-school locations (Administrative fee included)
Single Performance: $550
Two Back-to-Back: $1,000

In-State Empathy Workshop cost: $150 per workshop

Outside of GA (Administrative fee included; does NOT include travel, lodging, per diem)
Single Performance: $650
Two Back-to-Back: $1,200

Out-of-State Empathy Workshop cost: $200 per workshop


Stay tuned for tour photos!


In our continued commitment to the safety and well-being of all youth and their families, The Ben Marion Institute applauds the efforts and sensitive creativity Théâtre du Rêve has successfully put forth in its production of “Jane, the Fox & Me.” This production skillfully addresses the timely and important issue of Bullying Behavior that is so prevalent today in the culture of our schools and communities. Théâtre du Rêve’s insightful decision to incorporate the graphic novel with the haunting performance by an on-stage actor, creates a powerful visual and emotional message about the effects of how bullying behavior diminishes a young person’s self-concept. The empathetic, teachable moments are abundant in the narrative, which offers an abidingly positive message of how one person can positively change someone else’s life. We strongly recommend this play for all school age children and teens as well as their families, as it offers an opportunity for thoughtful discussion and empathetic learning that lingers long after the curtain comes down on this performance.

It’s a moment not to be missed.

~ Irma Starr PhD, Director of Education

The Ben Marion Institute For Social Justice, Inc.

Fables Fantastiques!

Photo by Audrey Cho

Discover the fantastic world of fables in this exciting storytelling drama from Théâtre du Rêve. This 100% bilingual adaptation of fables from Aesop, La Fontaine, West Africa and around the Francophone world is meant to be enjoyed by one and all, regardless of your knowledge of the French language. “No Fear French!” An audience member to another bilingual production exclaimed, “Even when I couldn’t understand the actual words, I had no problem understanding the text at all.” TdR’s original production is brought to life through physical theatre, storytelling, object puppetry and (most importantly) audience interaction. This is a great show for parties, camps, kids programs and more. (Limited availability on weekends & school holidays – based on Dekalb County calendar)

Booking information

Suggested Grade Levels: K – 10
Duration: 35 minutes plus talkback
Audience Limit: 250

K-12 Level GA Schools
Single Performance: $360
Two Back-to-Back: $670

GA: University and non-school locations (Administrative fee included)
Single Performance: $410
Two Back-to-Back: $770

Outside of GA (Administrative fee included; does NOT include travel, lodging, per diem)
Single Performance: $460
Two Back-to-Back: $870

Contact Caitlin Roe to book a performance:


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Make yours the first! Book today and experience what TdR and Fables Fantastiques! have to offer.

Professional Development Workshop for Educators

    • Using Drama in the Foreign Language Classroom

      TdR is proud to provide this opportunity for professional development. This workshop for French and other foreign language instructors will introduce tools for hands-on language activities and games.

Contact for more information and to book your workshop.